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Unlike many if not most on-line vendors selling "gadgetry" or consumer "friendly" surveillance devices that offer 15 day, 30 day, 90 day or even one year warranties WE ARE THE ONLY VENDOR OFFERING A LIFETIME WARRANTY. How can we do this? The answer is simple, because we sell high quality products our returns and warranty replacements have averaged less than 1% for years and with cooperation from our suppliers we are now able to offer this unprecedented warranty. If you can find a better warranty for one of our products contact us with proof and we'll give you TEN of them for FREE

We are located in the U.S. and not overseas like many if not most vendors selling these products. Our goal is to remove the worry or apprehension that some folks have about purchasing on-line.

Although many of the products we offer look similar (some share the same housing) to what you find on other vendors sites they are NOT the same. The electronics differ as much as night and day. We contract with specific shops/small factories that use the highest quality components. The PCB (printed circuit board), batteries and camera lenses are the highest quality available for these types of "gadgetry" all-in-one surveillance units. All our batteries are Lithium-Ion not just polymer.

Most vendors offer only a 30 – 90 day warranty. These are typically the cut rate vendors who knowingly are selling 5-6 yr old outdated units or cheap counterfeit "knock-off" units. A great example of this is the SPY PEN CAMERA AND THE SPY CLOCK CAMERA. Presently these two items appear on many wholesale sites. There is no shortage of vendors selling the cheap outdated units or the "knock-off" units.  All of These cheap products all have a limited "life span."

These vendors know you may be using the device for only one or two recordings and mightnot use the unit again. If you were to use it repeatedly it would be lucky to last a few days. Their warranty information is typically very hard to find and is never posted on the link where you are purchasing. This is always indicative of a website selling cheap products. They suck you in with a hard to resist low price. Contacting them and getting resolution can be like jumping through "fiery hoops". Only after your purchase do you discover they are located overseas.

It is also well known to these on-line vendors that any purchase under the "magic" number of $99.00 is less likely to be pursued by a disgruntled customer. The few customers that do return their cheap products put a very small "dent" in their profits. Buy a cheap product with a limited warranty and you'll take the chance that your surveillance project will never be completed.

This is their business model: Buy cheap products at cut rate prices, entice customers with low prices, offer the minimal warranty and make it difficult for customers to get any resolution.


A.    Companies located outside of the U.S. (many found on e-bay) You can not call, e-mail or get any support. The product you receive in many instances is not what was advertised. Returning defects become nearly impossible and expensive. Basically you're screwed.  AJOKA, LightInTheBox and HiddenCameraPen are all located in China

B.     Companies that sell everything "under the sun". They are not in the security business, are expert in nothing and have no knowledgeable staff to provide any support. They sell boxes of stuff, typically cheap "knock-off" units with poorly written manuals. (Amazon is a great place to buy a book but the worst place to buy a surveillance camera)

C.     Companies that have very low prices compared to other vendors. This is usually a RED FLAG they're selling cheap counterfeits. (Indicative by their warranty, IF you can find it)

D.    Companies that have no visible return policy or warranty on the link where the product is located, no policy at all or one that is almost impossible to find

E.     Companies offering only a 30 – 90 day warranty. This is always indicative of a website selling cheap products.

OUR WARRANTY an e-commerce website owned by Digital Surveillance Systems a division of Audio Deterrent Systems, a 35 year old corporation located in Quincy, Ma. To the original purchaser of all our individual surveillance camera units we guarantee


We are only in the security business. We sell only high quality surveillance cameras and do not buy cheap "knock-off" counterfeit products. We respond to all e-mails with experienced staff well educated on our products. We are located in Quincy,MA which allows for quick and easy facilitation of any issues concerning returns or warranty.

If a valid purchase upon inspection by us is defective through no fault of the user we will replace it with a brand new unit.

The above warranty is non transferable and limited to the original purchaser. It does not cover damage (broken parts) or misuse by the owner, damage caused by improper SD card insertion, software damage caused by viruses, registry problems on your computer, disassembling the unit and or adding / hardwiring power sources not described in the manual or other damage caused by not following the specific instructions, tips & warnings that accompany every unit.*

The Life Time Warranty covers the electronic operation of the unit. All of our electronic devices have a reasonably understandable use. Using the product other than its intended use will void the warranty. 

Our warranty also has further restrictions related to the products that have non-serviceable permanently installed batteries.  Although we can guarantee and warrantee the electronic function of our devices we cannot be liable for battery life.

Causes for Voided warrantees:

Leaving this type of device charging for extended times, sometime a day or longer can over heat the battery rendering it unable to maintain or hold a charge. Connecting the device to any charging source, AC power adapter or any charging device that is not approved, included or sold on our website to be used in conjunction with the recording device.

Additionally, storing a device with an on-board non serviceable battery for extended times can lead to the complete depletion of the cells rendering the battery dead and unable to accept a charge.

Our life time warranty is also subject to the availability of the product. We are NOT the manufacturer of any of the products on Should a product be discontinued we will make every attempt to replace it with a similar product. All product warranty claims should be made within a reasonable time frame of 30 days once the product experiences problems or ceases to operate.

The warranty does not cover accessories such as usb cables, AC chargers, SD flash cards, remote chargers, mounts, any optional accessories or any free gifts or promotions. ALL units are QC tested for complete functionality before shipping. Returned products covered by the warranty are subject to terms and conditions of our return policy.   These aforementioned exclusions are not our "excuse" to not honor our Life Time Warranty. Basically if any device ceases to operate via failed electronics through no fault of the user we will gladly and expeditiously REPLACE the unit.

  • Naturally it is impossible for us to determine with certainty that a device has been corrupted by your computer until we receive it back. Typically a non functional unit covered by the warranty is replaced but records are kept to determine the cause of the problem. If upon testing we determine the software has been damaged by viruses from your computer we will not continue the warranty for THIS replaced unit as your computer will probably repeat the damage. For any device sent back to us under a warranty claim that is determined to be in perfect operating condition there is a minimum $20.00 service charge to cover our labor and return shipping costs


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