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SecuritySystems.Com  AlarmSystem.Com  and AlarmSystemS.Com are domain names owned by Audio Deterrent Systems, Quincy, Ma, a 40 year old alarm company with an e-commerce presence since 2002.  Prior to marketing on-line we installed surveillance systems and alarm systems. Our shipping address is: Digital Surveillance Systems, P.O. Box 131, Quincy, MA 02170.

In regards to our on-line business our philosophy is to distance ourselves from the many so called "security stores" selling everything from "soup to nuts".  They are warehouses selling "Boxes of stuff". They are not in the security business. WE ARE

A call to one of these on-line "security Stores" regarding a surveillance camera will be handled by an in-bound telemarketer reading a manual who has absolutely NO experience in the industry, nor any knowledge of what they are selling.  Our representatives that handle on-line sales are actual veterans of the security industry with a minimum of fifteen years experience and rotate from actual outside sales calls. 

The security products we promote on our site were chosen from hundreds of options and interviews with many manufacturers. A few of our products come directly from a factory in China, run by a relative of the wife married to the owner of This allows us to guarantee high standards of quality and great prices. Although many surveillance units "look" exactly the same there is a tremendous difference in quality. does not carry cheap "knock-off" products that substitute high quality components with cheap parts.  In our professional opinion all of our products are the absolute best in each category available today. High quality and not a low price is our main focus.

While many vendors sell surveillance products and offer only a 30-60 day return policy and NO warranty we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY ON ALL OUR SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS.

For "nanny'', baby sitter surveillance or any home / small business surveillance requiring a quick, affordable and easy solution we highly recommend the fantastic   Safe Home Covert Cameras  Both of these units can be set up in minutes.

The New
Cam Stick recorders (PI Cam Stick) are of the highest quality, highest resolution and the largest storage capacity. They are from the original manufacturer of this product and are not copies or "knock-offs"

For law enforcement, private investigators or spy guy "wanna be's" we now carry the only reliable True Spy Pen with NO flashing lights that actually works and stays working. It has the highest video resolution with audio as well as the date & time stamping feature essential for investigations.  

For an excellent hidden camera carried on your keychain check out our two Key Fob or Key Chain Cameras

For Evidence gathering or just plain FUN Check our Spy Sunglasses. Built with the highest quality components this unit is unique standing apart from other models. It is unequivocally the best spy sunglass unit on the market today.

We provide many of these same products to law enforcement nationwide, from small sheriff departments to large municipal police forces. Our sales include District attorney undercover task forces as well as local F.B.I. offices. 

We also refuse to sell any security products that are just cheap junk, falsely reporting their features and specifications.

For surveillance cameras we don't offer any cameras using the 2.4GHz frequency as they are totally unreliable. We highly suggest reading our educational article "Exposed" on our product web page.

Illegal / Immoral Surveillance: Surveillance cameras are a multi billion dollar industry. Because of the huge demand for covert surveillance many new products have been designed to appear as inconspicuous every day items.

Spy pen cameras, clock cameras, tiny pocket cameras and other devices that deviate from the conventional look of the camera we see on the walls of every bank have assisted in capturing surveillance that otherwise would have been impossible or difficult to gather.

Unfortunately the design of covert surveillance products has also produced some devices that although there can be an argument for their legal purpose, their obvious design suggests their use for activities we consider to be immoral.

An example of this type of covert camera would be a Tissue Box Camera. An argument could be made it could support a legitimate undercover surveillance project but by pure design it would blend in too easily in a bathroom.

Surveillance in Bathrooms, store clothing change rooms, locker rooms etc., or other areas where the general public has a reasonable expected sense of privacy is considered illegal unless under court order. As such does not offer Blatant or obvious products that can easily be used for illegal activities.

If you have any questions about our products, security products you have seen online or simply need advice because you're not sure what you need for your home or business, send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to assist you.

If you're looking for solid security solutions please put your trust in a company that has been in the business for thirty five years.




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