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SecuritySystems.Com was the very first USA vendor selling dash cameras on-line back in 2009. To date we have sold over 175,000 dash cams and have great reviews.  Shopper Approved )

In 2015 the average selling price for a dash cam from all vendors was $179.00.

However in 2016 the market was suddenly flooded with dozens of cheap units from China selling for as little as $19.00. I might ad that cheap also refers to quality and these dash cams that still inundate the internet are such poor quality that a $2.99 kids mickey mouse watch selling at CVS or Walmart has better quality. 

 But…. the sellers of this junk are not stupid and because "Price is King" the average consumer, first time buyer of a dash cam will usually choose the lowest price.  Additionally the sellers of this junk know that because of the low purchase price very few people will go through the return process and will just toss it into the trash.

This is marketing strategy that many companies that sell super cheap product use.  The small percentage of returns they do get hardly put a dent into the tens of thousands of sales they’ve made by enticing customers with what they know is an irresistible price.

Immediately after all these cheap units appeared on-line despite our seven years of great reviews and even lowering our price “to rock bottom” it became impossible to continue to sell our quality unit.

It didn’t take a wizard to realize the average consumer would not pay $100 + when there are dozens of dash cams selling for $49 and less.

At this point we had a decision to make; exit the dash cam business altogether or “join the pack” and offer a cheap unit.

Our decision was to search for a new dash cam with the ultimate goal of still offering a high quality unit but at a price to compete with all the other cheap junk found on-line and especially in Walmart

For the last year and a half we have tested over a dozen different dash cameras that retail under $49.00 that are easily found by searching Google for "dash cam".  Unfortunately all of them were nothing but junk.

All of them have blatantly false specification claims regarding the resolution and the display screen size. Their screens are a decade old technology called LCD. They also have features that are either useless or don't function at all. 

All of them falsely state the strength of their batteries as most of them will not power the unit manually for more than 1 to 2 minutes. The strongest battery we encountered in our testing only powered the unit for 2 minute.  The truth is these manufacturers use the cheapest battery just to save a few pennies.

To counter this they insist the battery is not important as the unit is powered by your car. However this is a huge problem when trying to familiarize yourself with the unit in your home after it arrives or if you want to manually playback a video in case of an accident.

Worse and most importantly all of these cheap units LIE about the resolution, both in their advertising, their manuals, what is printed on the box and even in the actual settings on the unit itself.  A “trick” they employ is to use what is called interpolation to falsely show in the properties of the video file high definition when in truth it is below what is old VGA resolution.   All of these units produce choppy dismal video.

When we state "blatantly false" I want to state unequivocally that the manufacturers and sellers absolutely KNOW they are LYING about the specifications and features. They rely on the simple fact that most people have no clue, have no knowledge of what decent dash cam video should look like and are only interested in their cheap price.

We finally realized our best bet would be to work with one of these junk units but to find a factory willing to make all the electronic and software changes we wanted to “reinvent” it to quality dash cam.

The unit we settled on is manufactured by no less than one dozen factories, each of them producing the unit with different display screen sizes as well as building it with the cheapest components possible.

Only one factory would agree to work with us and accept an initial order substantially less than all the others.  All the other factories would only build the unit to our specifications if we ordered 50,000 units. 

This only reconfirmed how popular these cheap quality dash cameras are strictly related to the cheap price.  Again, “price is king”.

Our challenge was to replace all the cheap components but still be able to compete on price and be able to retail for under $30.00.

What we finally ended up with is a vastly improved version of a dash camera that is being sold by many vendors. 

Our unit has a true 2.7TFT screen and records in high definition.  All the other versions found on-line falsely advertise their display screen with the actual size only being 1 ¾ or 2”.  Additionally the TFT display screen in our version is sharper and brighter and is key to good resolution and smooth playing video.  The Cheap versions use old technology LCD screens.

We had the cheap battery that would only provide 1-2 minutes of manual power replaced with a 300 mili amp battery that will power our unit manually for set-up in your home and manual play-back of your videos for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The printed circuit board commonly referred to as the pcb has been upgraded to equal those found in dash cams costing two hundred dollars or more.  

The plastic camera lens has been replaced with a six layer glass lens and combined with the quality pcb our unit produces high definition video.

We had the cheap microphone that produced scratchy “electronic noise” replaced with a component that records crystal smooth audio.

Lastly our menu is customized by our own design to make it the most user friendly dash cam on the market, something very important for the first time buyer of a dash cam.  


To verify we have a custom unit when it powers up it shows"SecuritySystems.Com” on the display screen.

We want to clarify that our unit is not the cheap versions found everywhere on-line. 

We also ship from Quincy, Ma and you should receive your purchase within 2-3 days.  

All other sellers of super cheap dash cameras ship from CHINA, something most people don’t even notice when checking out on-line. 

This also includes 3rd party sellers on Wal*Mart and other well known retailers.


Now you may find our website and presentation unorthodox,   but we have never followed the "main stream" way of website selling such as posting just a picture, copy and pasted specs and then an "add to cart" button. 

Rather we believe people want and need real information and a comfort level to purchase.  Read more about our philosophy at our "ABOUT US" link


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