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SecuritySystems.Com was the very first vendor of dash cameras in the USA back in 2009. To date we have sold over 175,000 dash cams and have great reviews.  ( Shopper Approved )

In 2015 the average selling price for a dash cam from all vendors was $179.00.

However in 2016 the market was suddenly flooded with dozens of cheap quality units selling for as little as $19.00 and because "Price is King" the average consumer, first time buyer of a dash cam will usually choose the lowest price.   

Although we had a very high quality unit, thousands of great reviews and despite lowering our price to "rock bottom" it became impossible to compete with the saturation of cheap priced dash cameras. 

It did not take a wizard to realize the average consumer would not pay $100 + when there are dozens of dash cams selling for $49 and less.

Refusing to sell just any cheap unit we exited the business and began a search for a new dash cam with the ultimate goal of offering a high quality unit but at a very reasonable price.

For the last year and a half we have tested over a dozen different dash cameras that retail under $49.00 that are easily found by searching Google for "dash cam".  Unfortunately They were all junk.

All of them have blatantly false specification claims regarding the resolution and the size of the display screen. Their display screens are a decade old technology called LCD. They also have features that are either useless or don't function at all. 

All of them blatantly falsely state the strength of their batteries as most of them will not power the unit manually for more than 15 seconds.  The strongest battery we encountered in our testing only powered the unit for 1 minute. 

This is a huge problem when trying to familiarize yourself with the unit in your home after it arrives.

When we state "blatantly false" I want to state unequivocally that the manufacturers and sellers absolutely KNOW they are LYING about the specifications and features. They rely on the simple fact that most people do not understand the specifications.

We finally found a factory that would supply us with a good quality dash cam designed to OUR specifications that we could sell for under $30.00.  The unit has a true 2.7" TFT screen and records in high definition.  A TFT display is sharper and brighter than the old LCD technology and is key to good resolution and smooth playing video.

We had the cheap battery that would only provide 15-30 seconds of manual power replaced with a 200Mah battery that will power our unit manually for set-up and manual play-back of your videos for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The printed circuit board (pcb) has been upgraded to equal those found in two hundred dollar dash cams.  The plastic camera lens has been replaced with a six layer glass lens and the cheap microphone has been replaced with a component that is free of electronic noise and records smooth audio.

Our unit and menu is also customized by our own design to make it the most user friendly dash cam on the market, something very important for the first time buyer of a dash cam.  When powered up it shows"SecuritySystems.Com on the display screen.

Other factories have copied the housing of this unit but produce lower quality units with cheap components.  They blatantly LIE about the specifications and advertise false screen sizes, false resolution, battery strength and all of them use old technology LCD displays.

These low quality units are available in the U.S. from many vendors and are easily found with a Google search of "dash cam".  They falsely advertise as being the same as our unit.  THEY ARE NOT! 

As a service to our potential customers in our "Product Tour" video we show several of these similar looking dash cams with LCD screens that are considerably smaller than they claim.

We want to clarify that our unit is not the cheap versions found everywhere on-line. 

We also ship from Quincy, Ma and you should receive your purchase within 2-3 days.  

Nearly every other on-line seller ships from CHINA, including 3rd party sellers on Wal*Mart and other well known retailers.


Additionally we have also posted pictures of three notoriously cheap  defective dash cams that have inundated the internet. Should you purchase one of these you will have fallen victim to their false advertising and seductive pricing.

IF you can't resist purchasing one of these, when you discover what a piece of junk it is, DO NOT THROW IT into the trash. 

That is what the seller is banking on knowing that statistically because of the low purchase price most people will just toss it.  DON'T!  Demand your money back and make sure you post a review about their junk.  That is exactly what we did with all the junk samples we purchased in the last two years.

In closing you may find our website and presentation unorthodox,   but we have never followed the "main stream" way of website selling such as posting just a picture, copy and pasted specs and then an "add to cart" button. 

Rather we believe people want and need real information and a comfort level to purchase.  Read more about our philosophy at our "ABOUT US" link

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