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Instantly Transform the Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1)  to be Undetectable!

Although The Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1) with its clever design is totally inconspicuous to strangers or thieves, there are situations however where the surveillance subject may be familiar with the surroundings or it might stand out and be discovered. For these scenarios the Safe Home Covert Camera that can be totally hidden in numerous items and still perform at 100% efficiency. Unlike other small cameras the Safe Home Covert Camera requires NO wires, No radio frequency receivers and No separate recording devices.  Activated by motion the Safe Home Camera records in crystal clear color to its own built in DVR.  With very little effort we have hidden the Safe Home Covert Camera in all these common items. All that is necessary to accomplish this is some 3M Scotch double sided tape or Velcro and a tiny hole no bigger than this – o to allow the 3.7mm cone lens to capture the surveillance area. The unit can easily be removed for downloading the movies and replaced back into its hiding place.  With very little ingenuity the Safe Home Covert Camera can be hidden in objects that are common place in every room of your house or office surroundings.  Hide a Safe Home Covert Camera in the kitchen, family room or even the bathroom.  For the office the possibilities are endless.  Before purchasing a Safe Home Covert Camera. take the time to read the frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) as well as reviewing the information provided on our main Safe Home Covert Camera page.
There is absolutely nothing available that can compare with this product.

3M Double Sided Tape or Velcro Sticky Tape and The Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1)
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Totally Hidden Camera

Tin Candy Jar Camera

Picture Frame Camera

Children Toy Cam

Decorative Box


Shipping Box

Plastic Plant

Dog Biscuit Box

File Binder
Office Use

Cooler Cam
Beach / Picnics

Envelope Box

Mail Box

Toaster Pastries Box

Tissue Box

Soda Box

Potato Chips

Cocoa Can


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Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1) Frequently
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