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Memory Card Purchase & Handling Guide

Memory cards are not indestructible. With proper care you can protect your memory cards, extend their life and maximize their performance.

It is also important to know that memory cards although can last a very long time they will eventually fail. A memory card stored in a digital camera and only used to take pictures or videos on special occasions could last seemingly forever.

However Memory cards employed in surveillance cameras or dash cameras that are being recorded on constantly and "looping" over will eventually wear out. A non high endurance card will typically start to fail around one year when subject to 5-10 hrs of daily recording.

It is recommended to always use a class 10 memory card in a dash camera.

IMPORTANT:  Always purchase a memory card from a reliable source. Roughly 1/3 of all memory cards sold on-line are fake or counterfeit and can cause havoc in your camera causing it to suddenly stop recording or causing files to be lost or corrupted.

Never buy memory cards on E-bay, Dhgate, AliExpres, Alibaba or any third party that ships DIRECTLY FROM CHINA.

Memory cards on Amazon shipped directly or from reliable third party vendors are generally safe.  Wal*Mart, BestBuy and other reputable retailers are also typically safe

High endurance memory cards will typically have twice the life span of regular memory cards.

NOTE: A recording device will indicate what size memory cards can be used.

Most dash cameras require a minimum 8GB card although some will operate on a 4GB.  Always take note of the maximum size it will accept. A dash camera indicating it will accept 8GB – 32GB  will NOT run on a 64GB card.

Here follows some tips of how to take care of your memory cards:

Make sure you are inserting the memory card correctly into the slot. GENTLY push it in. If there is any resistance it is likely you are inserting it backwards.

Do not force a memory card into the slot. It will only go in one way and should slide into the slot easily. Using your thumb nail to push it beyond the flat surface of the slot opening you will sense a "click", confirming it is properly seated. 

Once installed it is always important to format the memory card on the unit.  All dash cameras will have this option in the menu settings.  This will adapt the memory card to the specific unit. Failure to do this could cause problems with the memory card.

To remove it, depress the edge of the card with your thumb nail and it will be released and pop out.  Be careful removing the card as the card slot is spring loaded and the card could "fly" out and "disappear" somewhere.

ALWAYS Turn of the host device before removing the memory card and most importantly


The latter especially relates to dash cameras that are in a constant state of recording when the power is on. Always wait until the dash camera is completely shut off before removing the memory card.

• Do not bend scratch or drop a memory card. Tiny invisible scratches could render it defective.

. When used in a dash camera or other recording device that is constantly creating new files, saving files and “looping” any memory card can “jam” causing the camera to stop recording.

Therefore it is recommended to occasionally format the card at least once a month. 

. Always format the memory card each time after downloading your files on your PC. This will help you to clear all the old files that may be corrupted.

. Before formatting the card check if you want to save any of the files to your hard drive on your computer because formatting your memory card will erase ALL the files on it.

Keep your memory cards away from extreme temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight. Try also to keep your memory cards in the plastic case that comes with when buying the card.

• Keep your memory card away from very large doses of radiation, static charges and magnetic fields. Be aware of the above when sending a memory card through the U.S. Postal Service, the risk can be eliminated by sending the memory card in a special type of package. Keep in mind that memory cards are safe from the X-ray equipment used in airports.

• When editing your digital images ensure that you have moved the images from the memory card to the computer first.


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