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We understand the internet can be a precarious place to buy a product, especially a surveillance device where most website vendors expect you to buy based only on a picture of the product and a few printed specs or description.   

We also know that most folks know nothing about these products but need something to gather evidence about a "situation" in their life.  Imagine their disappointment when the purchase arrives and it is not as they perceived or worse it is D.O.A. (dead on arrival)

Disappointment can also easily turn to anger when your window of opportunity to gather your evidence is now lost.


SecuritySystems.Com  has over 2,000 real unbiased reviews from customers collected a WEEK AFTER they have received their product and have actually used it.

Our reviews are not solicited immediately after the "check out" process.

After you finish reading the rest of this important information look for this "shopper Approved" logo on the product link to read what our customers have to say. 
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As a point of information

Positive reviews are very, very difficult to get from the buying public, as most people expect satisfaction with any purchase and don"t feel it necessary or compelled to take the time to discuss their purchases.

Studies have proven that less than 1/10 of 1% of satisfied customers will actually respond to surveys or independently search for forums to leave comments expressing their satisfaction with their purchase.  It is similar to folks promising their sales person "I"ll send you 5 referrals".  Anybody in sales knows you"re lucky to get even one or two referrals a year despite hearing that "promise" all year from hundreds of customers.

Rather than falling within the "norm" has received not 1/10 of 1% BUT an astounding 1% of reviews from our customer base.  It may not sound like a lot but it is 10 times the average.

WHY? understands folks buying on the internet need more than just a picture of a product, a few descriptive words and an "Add To Cart" button.    

Regardless of how simple a product may be we always have a very detailed product or presentation video.  It is as if we were actually sitting with you at your kitchen table going over the product "A to Z".  Certainly this trumps just looking at a picture of the product.

Crystal clear descriptions, features and specs are also included with REAL CUSTOMER sample videos.  No on-line vendor on this planet has as many customer sample videos as us!  Most have none.



There is no shortage of shops, sometimes even a hundred or more manufacturing what appears to be the exact same device and providing them for resale through many on-line vendors for significantly less.  What the consumer does not know is that the electronic components can vary greatly.  99% of these shops use the cheapest components possible just to save a few pennies. 

In many cases the difference between quality components that will last years is substituted with one that will probably only last through several operations and is proven to have a high failure rate.  Because the components are the cheapest possible the defective rate can be as high as 50%. 

When it comes to fulfilling your purchase other vendors of these products have their shipping staff grab one from the carton they arrived in and send it out.  They never double check to make sure it even works!

Many of these "great deals" will be delivered to you D.O.A.  Good luck with that surveillance project you were planning. 

One last thing that will surely aggravate you to no end will be the incoherent, impossible to understand instructions included with your product. FACT

* has been selling these devices on-line for TEN years.  We deal with one representative and two shops.  All of our products have the highest quality components; from the pcb, the lens and most importantly the battery.  We pay a premium for this but our returns and defect rate is less that .03%. products are first highly QC"d at the shop we deal with.  Following this our personal rep (of 8 years) retests every unit.  Lastly before we ship your purchase it is again tested. This last QC "catches" that rare unit that might fail even though it passed two previous QC checks. 

When you take delivery of our product it works out of the box and will continue working. That surveillance project you"ve been planning will be completed!   Additionally you"ll receive crystal clear English instructions.       


Most on-line vendors selling these types of products have no knowledgeable staff as they are just a shipper. (I.e., Amazon)

If they do have phone staff it will be "Crissy" who will answer the phone reading from a manual while she takes a break from doing her school homework.  If not "Crissy" it will be "Gladys" a retired senior citizen ready to only take your credit card information. 

If you"re calling with a question or a problem with a product you HAD purchased they know nothing about it.  There will be no suggestions or any type of troubleshooting that may be able to quickly address the situation, saving you the time, inconvenience and expense of sending back your purchase only to receive it back with a blunt note indicating there is nothing wrong with it.

*The staff at has complete KNOWLEDGE of the products we sell.  Customers can e-mail or call and discuss any of our products.  We will be glad to confirm if the product you"re considering is even suited for your surveillance project.  If not we"ll be honest and advise you NOT to buy.  You won"t get this response from any other on-line vendor.

After receiving the unit should you call with a question or need help you"ll speak to someone who UNDERSTANDS the product and can always assist you. In most instances when a customer "thinks" a product is not working, simple troubleshooting quickly solves the problem.  Of course this eliminates the inconvenience of sending back a perfectly working product.


Other vendors offer warranties of 30-90 days.  In the rare instance you might find one offering one year. You"ll also be hard pressed to find their warranty policy because they don"t want it easily noticed.  What they are selling is a picture and a cheap price. 

If you can find their warranty it is loaded with conditions and many vendors dictate you return your product to the manufacturer.  When you read this it is an indication they know nothing about the products they sell as you have no knowledge of the manufacturer.

*"s products have the highest quality components and because of this we can very easily provide a Life Time Warranty. 

Let"s be candid, they may not last your life but we're confident you'll get years and years of use out of any of our purchases….and IF it does fail to operate we'll replace it!

You will NOT be directed to any manufacturer!  We are in Quincy, Ma and our customers deal directly with us.

Now, will we be here for a life time??  (Ans:)  It's safe to assume the owner (me) NEEDS to work for another 25 years and my son may very likely continue the business after I'm on the "other side of the lawn".

After reading this you can look for our Life Time Warranty link found on every page of our site.




Guarantees (Corp. name: Audio Deterrent Systems) is a verified business.  Additionally they verify your credit card information is safe and secure as well as none of your personal information is shared with any third parties.

To learn more about our company you can click on the About Us tab found on the top center of every page.

In closing if you have any question regarding one of our products call us or send an e-mail. The "Contact Us" is next to the About Us tab.

Whether you purchase on-line or on the phone you"ll receive your product within 2-3 days. 

MOST importantly IT WILL OPERATE CORRECTLY, YOUR SURVEILLANCE PROJECT WILL MOVE FORWARD and you"ll have the comfort level should it ever fail to work in the future we will replace it. 

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