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Three weeks after purchasing a Safe Home Covert Camera we contact the buyer for their comments.  Rather than posting the typical one sentence testimonials you find on other sites we choose to share these very candid responses as they reflect real situations.


Story Of Break In Video Posted On The Site Feb. 19th 2008
Below is e-mail from the customer who sent in the video of the thief.

Saturday, February 16, 2008 4:19 PM
Spy Camera

Sirs: We want to let you know our extreme satisfaction with your spy camera. Allow me first our experience which is the impetus for this e-mail.  We purchased one of your spy cameras last summer after there had been two house breaks on our street. At the same time we also had an alarm system installed. In any event just this past Thursday my wife and I who are both retired educators returned home from our ritual late morning exercise walk and were informed by my son who was visiting us that he had chased a thief out the door. The guy had simply walked right in the back door that we always leave unlocked as we don’t bother taking our keys when we go out for our walk. He stole cash and other items from our wallets that we so conveniently had left for him. My son was only able to see him from a distance as he ran off and could not identify him. We called the police and a detective came to the house but basically told us that without any identification or a license plate there was really nothing they could do. When we mentioned to the detective that we went for a long walk every day around the same time he said it was definitely someone that knew our schedule and lived in the area because thieves don’t break into homes with cars in the driveway.

Later in the evening my son told us that from now on we need to set the alarm whenever we go out.  At this point my wife screams out  “what about the spy camera we bought”!  Following the purchase of your camera we set it up on our mantle and never looked at it or discussed it again.  Quite frankly I had forgotten all about it.  I grabbed the instructions and the three of us had it hooked up to the TV within 5 minutes.  Then we were literally speechless as we watched the entire episode of this crime playing in color on our TV. Our unknown thief seemingly looked right into the lens of the camera and never even noticed it. Yesterday we had the police back to the house and he suggested we knock on all our neighbors doors and ask if they knew a guy fitting this description. If you ever watch Jay Leno you’d know he has a patch of dark hair left in the middle of his now all white hair. This turkey had just the opposite, dark hair with a white stripe in the front of his hair. As it turns out nearly 10 houses at the end of our street a neighbor said he always sees a young guy that fits this description and knew exactly where he lived as he had seen him in front of his home as he drove up the street.  We had this neighbor come to our home and watch the video and he instantly identified this guy. Next the police went to his home and he was arrested. We now have been told he has a record and is a known drug addict. The police tell us it is likely that he’ll get jail time. So that is our story.  The homeowner who identified him is Tom Culkin and will likely be calling you to order one of your cameras as well as some of our other neighbors.

Richard & Margie Herman 

Monday, February 18, 2008 9:30 AM

Dear Richard/Margie:  I’ve been in the security business for over thirty years. Your story is one of the best I’ve ever heard.  We are pleased that the Safe Home Covert Camera Capture Camera worked to identify this thief. We would be extremely grateful if you would send us the video of this event. Our records indicate you purchased your camera along with the usb adapter last July. Using the adapter will allow you to transfer the video to your PC. Would you consider sending us this video asap and I will make a present of another unit to you as well as pay you a commission for any of your neighbors that purchase from us.

Bill Mullen

Monday,February 18, 2008 11:52 AM

Bill: I will be pleased to accommodate your request. I’ll get it to you in a few hours. Do you plan on posting it on your site?  Thank you for your offer of a free camera but we would rather you give our neighbors a discount if they order from you.


Rich Herman


 I might ad this incident has reinforced how passionate I am about this product. I would implore anyone looking for a spy or hidden camera to consider the Safe Home Covert Camera.  All the wireless 2.4ghz camera/receiver units that inundate the internet are nothing but kids toys and junk.  USA Today gave it the prestigious “Best Of Tech” award in consumer surveillance products at the Consumer Electronics Show. I guarantee this covert camera is the best all-in-one surveillance camera on the market today. If there was a better product we would be selling it. Our website is chock full of information for you to review and arrive at the same conclusion. 

Bill Mullen

Testimonials e-mails

 Good Mornin Bill... Thank you so much!!!   Received the 4 gig unit yesterday as promised. It is an amazing  product. The one I brought from ebay records terrible under low light. Yours records bright and beautiful. Thank you again for your kindness and help.  Best Wishes!!! 

George wrote:

George:  Sorry for the delay.  Your 4 gig unit is going out today via The U.S. Postal / 2-day priority with a signature requirement.  It should be there on Friday to sign for.

Dear Bill,
Thank You so Very much.  How wonderful your Surveillance Camera Is.  We hooked it up within minutes.  It is every thing your website promised and MORE!

I am forever grateful,

----- Original Message -----

Saturday, October 20, 2007 9:35 AM
Surveillance Purchase

Rita: Thank you for your purchase of the 512mb Capture Camera.  Your Amex card was charged $579.95 and will appear on your statement as Audio Deterrent Systems.  We will ship out via UPS ground on Monday and you'll have it on Tuesday.

Good Luck
Bill Mullen

Yes I have set it up. This one camera is all I need. I own a two family home and the common hallway has been vandalized repeatedly. I was looking into other cameras but was afraid they would be noticed and also be vandalized. I installed it up in a high corner and so far nobody has touched it.  I took it down after a few days and watched the tenant coming and going many times.  I’m confident the next time something happens I’ll have it on video. This camera will Let me know what’s going on.

Steven Bratton -PA

I purchased it for my wife.  She suspected my daughter (her step-daughter) was going through her things in our bedroom.  Last year she had set up a camera and connected it to a vcr.  One time she was playing it back and there was my daughter laughing pointing at the camera. We set up the Safe Home Covert Camera on the dresser near some incense candles so it would blend in.  So far we’ve watched two videos of my daughter in the bedroom walking into our closet.  Neither time did it appear she took anything so we’re just waiting for real evidence. Obviously she hasn’t noticed the camera yet. 

Thank You, Rob Kane –NY

To be honest my plan was to check it out and send it back.  I was looking for some kind of surveillance camera and came across your site.  I had seen this before on a few other sites but they didn’t have any sample video and I thought it was just a toy. When I read I could send it back and get all my dough returned as well as the shipping costs and five bux I figured let’s go. I took it out of the box and didn’t even bother with the manual.  I guessed at the settings and set it up on my counter and walked through the room several times.  Then I connected it to my tv and there I was on three separate videos.  FYI I found that usb device you sell does the trick, easy as it gets like a VCR.
You guys also do a good job hawking this on your site.  Good Luck.

Tom Reynolds – SC


We have a cottage by a lake we only use in the summer time and a few times it’s been broken into when we go out. The Last two times was just Liquor was taken that we keep for parties. guest.  We were guessing it was one of the kids that come and go all summer. We set up the camera in the main room and that weekend we purposely left the front door unlocked.  When we came came back after dinner two bottles of liquor was missing and the playback showed a boy we recognized.  In one video his face nearly filled up the whole screen as he must’ve been only one foot away from the camera and never noticed it.

Jackie & Steve Morel – NH


I set it up as soon as it arrived. I’m 65 yrs. Old and had already returned a system I could not get to work.  Your little unit is all I needed to catch a cleaning lady snooping thru my things.

Karl Tripp - Orlando

We were actually going to send an email to you about our experience……My husband is a food sales broker and his customers are always giving him expensive bottles of liquor as presents and because we both seldom drink we keep them in a back room in our home. When our oldest boy who is in the army came home from a tour in Iraq last year we had a big bash at the house.  It was during the party that one of my brothers told me that a bottle of vodka we put out was nearly all water. We immediately knew our other son who is 18 and is causing us problems was the only suspect. Our home had also been broken into a month earlier and we had suspected it might have been some of his friends. We had an ADT alarm put in and a week later someone kicked in our back door again but left when the alarm went off. We called ADT back to quote us on a surveillance system but the price was too high so we searched on-line, saw your camera and video and knew it was all we needed. Rather than installing it near our back kitchen door my husband set it up on a shelf in the back room with the liquor. Two or three days later on a Sunday morning we checked to see if it had recorded anything because our son had come home around 2:30 am and we we’re sure he had been drinking. There were two videos. The first one showed him entering the room taking a bottle of booze and leaving, the second video showed the time around 5 minutes later of him coming back to the room and putting this same bottle back.   The story doesn’t end here as we didn’t want my son to know about the camera.  We went back on-line and bought a small fake dome camera for $12.95 and installed it on the ceiling.  We confronted our son with the video which we had uploaded to our computer by now and also pointed out the dome camera. This whole episode has caused a huge fight and our son is now angry at us for spying on him with a camera.  He claims we just should’ve confronted him and he would’ve admitted stealing the liquor.  The end of the story is we’ve left the fake dome camera in the back room and have now put your camera on a top shelf in the mud-room where the back kitchen door was broken into.  Our son has surely seen it but he probably thinks it’s some kind of room deodorizer as we keep all our shoes and sneakers out there.  Right now we’re actually waiting for someone to break in again so we can catch them on video. I’ll be curious if you put this email on your site.  This camera works great .

Marion Brown – FL


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  We used the camera to catch my younger brother stealing food from my mothers home. It was my brother who bought the camera using my email address.  We both went in on the purchase and put it in my mother’s house.  Our younger brother who is a crack=head goes over to her house when she’s out and steals food.  My mom who is a coupon freak buys 25 to 50 cans of tuna and other canned goods and stores them in a pantry.  One day she mentioned that it seemed as though lots of food was missing.  She knows he is a loser but has no clue that he is a crack head. We put the camera in the pantry on a shelf and told our mother we had bought a dozen of these air fresheners and they work great  A week later my brother and I  went over and took it home and we watched a zillion movies of my mother coming into the pantry.  All of a sudden there is one video of my brother coming in and reaching up grabbing canned goods and stuffing them in a paper bag. He looked right at the camera and never noticed it.  Right now we haven’t told our mother and also haven’t seen our crack head brother.  In any event the camera works perfect.

Tracie Wolmack – GA


Yes I did get the camera and I just spoke to your sales person Bill yesterday about the hook up to the computer.  I am very pleased with this camera I purchased on your site.  My ex boyfriend was breaking into my home when I was at work. I called an alarm company who also showed me this camera.  Their alarm system which I installed was $1,100 and their camera the Safe Home Capture Camera was $1200. I couldn’t afford it at the time and a co-worker suggested I look for it on the internet.  I saw it on your site for $259 and spoke to Bill.  I asked him if it was the same camera I had been shown and why they were selling it so cheap.  He said the question was; why was the alarm company selling it for so much?  I wanted him to ship it overnight but he told me it would cost around $55.00 and if it was shipped regular for 12 dollars I’d have it in a few days anyway. I told him I didn’t know anything about video cameras and I couldn’t install anything or connect anything with wires and recorders.  I needed something I could set up myself and could easily record anyone breaking into my home.  He assured me that I could set the camera up in one minute and any video could be seen on my T.V. in minutes.  After that phone conversation I went back to your site and ordered the camera.  It was at my door 3 days later when I came home from work and after reading the manual I set it up to take pictures of my daughter.   Connecting it to my T.V. was simple and the video of my daughter was clear.  This past Sat. when I came home from work after picking up my daughter my kitchen door was unlocked.  I knew I had locked it and could tell someone had been in the apartment.  The camera was set up on a shelf staring at the door and I hooked it up to the tv and it had 4 or five videos of my ex coming in the door and walking by the camera.  I called the police and they arrested him but they told me I needed to make a tape of him coming in the door. I don’t have a vcr anymore so Yesterday I ordered the capture component from Bill to record this video to my computer so I can give a CD to the police.  I wish I never put in the alarm system as this camera is really all I needed.  For any woman that has no idea about video cameras this is what they need.  Thank you so much for this and the kindness and attention from Bill.

Kim Halloran – San Antonio,  

I bought the camera at your site for my boss and had it shipped to my home. I work in a law office and one of the staff has been using his office computer to surf pornography sites.  We’ve set up the camera and it works great.  So far nobody has used his computer in this last two weeks.  We think the word got out.  Only my boss and I know the camera is sitting on a book case.  I don’t think anybody has noticed it.  Since buying it I personally think about cameras every time I visit a lady’s room in a restaurant.  I went shopping at a mall and now I notice black ceiling cameras everywhere.  When I go into a change area to try something on I especially look everywhere for anything that might be a camera as I know that they can be disguised as anything.  This is a great product but it does make me nervous.

Katie Dimasi – NC


I bought the camera to catch my son who always has his friends over when I’m at work on Saturday nights.  I had told him I was going to buy a camera system but he just laughed at me.  When I got the camera I put in the Tv room near some pictures. The first Sunday I check the video it showed my son and his two friends that I don’t care for.  I told him I knew they were here and when he denied it I told him what they were wearing.  I know he’s looked everywhere but so far has not even moved the camera.  Maybe he knows its there now but he sure didn’t the night his friends were over.

Gloria Selman- Ft Lauderdale



I am using the camera to identify the thief that has stolen two aluminum ladders from a common storage area in my apartment building   I have an idea but can not prove it.  The landlord will not allow a lock on the door so everybody has access.  As soon as I got the camera I positioned it in the storage bin and because of all the clutter you can’t even notice it.  My third ladder is now chained to a board but last week it appeared to have been dragged and then stopped when the chain became tight.  I took the camera to my apartment and played back at least 20 videos. I could clearly identify everyone that came and went, but   there was no video of anyone actually pulling the ladder.  One of the videos did however include this guy I suspect and the video showed him coming in empty handed and moving in that direction but the camera was not angled correctly to catch him actually touching the ladder. Once he got in view of the camera again another video showed him leaving again empty handed.  I am convinced this guy is the thief as he wasn’t bringing anything in or taking anything out.  I’m not even sure if he has any of his own boxes in there.  In any event if I hear about anything else being stolen I know this camera will catch him. 

Richid Bischoff – CA


I just now got your email.  Sorry,I only check it twice a week.  A month ago I had talked to one of your reps over the phone about the alarm system but when we added up all the accessories it became too expensive. I am 73 years old and trying to keep vandals from coming into my brother’s condo as we just put him into a nursing home. Your guy, I think his name is Paul suggested the camera and the telespy to let me know when anyone came in.  My sister and I set these both up close to two weeks ago when we got them.  When my sister was checking the place last week I got a call on my phone from the telespy and called her.  She told me that she was in the condo.  I had her bring the camera over and we both watched her on the tv. coming in the door. We have no doubt if anyone breaks in again we’ll have them on camera.  The telespy will let me know when they’re in there and hopefully the police can catch them in the act.

Fred Vickers – CT


 Dear Sirs:  You’re email is quite timely as you’re probably talking about the first camera we ordered and not our second one just yesterday that we haven’t received yet. It was actually me two or three weeks ago that ordered the camera and not my wife as we own a large pizza take –out restaurant with 15 employees.  We just caught one of our employees stealing money and she never once realized the camera taped her every move.  Our problem is we need to leave a hundred dollars in an office drawer for start up money for the following day.  Over the course of just a few months it has been missing 4 times and because of the schedule no less than 5 people always need to know the hiding spot.  There was an original camera system in my place that was not working and I called the company that had installed it and after upgrades and adding another camera in my office it cost me $1,500.00. Shortly afterward the money went missing this 4th time.  We have a dvr computer system and I located the video of my employee actually stealing the money.   The problem is everybody wears a uniform hooded blue sweatshirt with my shop name on it.  The camera which is installed up in a corner of my office had great video looking down but with the hood pulled down over the forehead  both my wife and I narrowed it down to three people but couldn’t see their face.   I called the camera company and asked if they had any solutions but they told me if somebody is aware of a camera and covers their face there really is nothing you can do. I knew we needed a camera that could be looking up rather than looking down and it also had to be camouflaged so as not to be noticed. Looking on the web we saw your camera called a micro-eye on another site and decided this would do the trick.  Before buying it we searched a few other sites and found It on yours for around one hundred less.  We used 3M scotch tape and actually stuck it over a wall socket about a foot off the floor opposite the door to the office.  We put extra tape so it was slightly angled up to get a picture or video looking up. Just this past Sunday we got a call from the opening manager that the money was missing again. I drove to the store gave my manager some start up money, went to the office and took the camera off the wall. Up to this point we had only tried it out by viewing some sample video we had made on the t.v so we just used the cable and connected it to our t.v and when the video played one of our employees faces filled up the whole screen. SHE was wearing the hooded sweatshirt but as she bent over to open the lower drawer to steal the money it was if she was staring directly into the camera!  She wasn’t scheduled to work for two more days and we brought a 15” t.v. to the office and when she came to work we invited her in to watch the video.  I was pissed and wanted to call the police and have them present when we confronted her but my wife who really likes this girl and couldn’t believe it was her wanted to talk to her first. As soon as she came into the office we closed the door pointed to the t.v and in three seconds there is her face and her hand reaching into the drawer.  We shut it off and stared at her.  She bursts into tears and begs us not to call the police. Her ex-scum bag husband is not paying child support and she’s working this job and another to try to pay her bills.  I can’t take the crying and my wife motions for me to leave the office. Fifteen minutes later she comes out still crying and tells me how sorry she is and leaves.  I go into my office and my wife informs me she is not firing her.  She feels sorry for her.  Not only does my wife decide to keep her working but she gets to keep the 100 bucks she stole.  My wife who was married before and had an ex husband too that didn’t pay his child support is sympathetic with this girl.  She came back  to work yesterday with ten more hours added to her schedule and we’re going to take the 500 bucks back over the course of one year.  Let me ask you something, who do you think wears the pants in my family?  In any event there is my brief reply to your inquiry. The second camera we just ordered yesterday is going up in the front of the take-out counter just in case there are any incidents we need to have on video.

Eugene Gaumont- TX

We bought the camera to make sure our baby sitter who lives across the street does not have her boyfriend over when we go out.  We suspected her once but couldn’t prove it and never questioned her.  She is welcome to the refrigerator and my husband who is quite the detective noticed that someone ate quite an amount of sliced ham from a package along with a loaf of bread that was considerably smaller.  If she ate all of this she probably had 3 sandwiches and a ½ lb of ham..  We put the camera is the Tv room last Sat nite when she was coming over again and the next day we watched several videos of her walking around and eating in front of the t.v but never saw anyone else.  We really amazed at this little camera.  We had been considering a hidden wireless camera system but it was too expensive.  If in the future we do capture video of her and her boyfriend we’re hoping it is not X rated.

Donna McMahon- OH

The two cameras we purchased a couple of weeks ago replace a waste of money camera system we installed two years ago.  There were wires on the walls and the resolution was poor

and everybody could see the cameras. Roughly 20 of us lease a hall to practice our music.  Over the years despite changing the locks it’s always impossible to prevent somebody from stealing something.  Recently after having no thefts for three years someone stole our sound board and some speakers. We placed the two cameras at two separate doors to our area and made sure they record whoever comes in.  The video is clear as a bell and nobody can come and go without us knowing it.  Currently in addition to myself there is only one other member aware of these cameras.  They blend in with all the auxiliary lights, smoke detectors and other stuff all over the walls.  We’re confident if anything goes out the door we’ll have a video of it.  We especially like the fact there are no red lights or anything else to give them away and the installation took around 5 minutes.

Bill Nolan – IN


Yes we have set up the cameras.  We ordered three from Bill. Almost a month before my husband and I had purchased a four camera kit from another website.  Their rep insisted it would be a piece of cake so we went ahead to the tune of $1495.00.  It came in two large boxes and along with the cameras was a box monitor that looked like a TV, a recording machine, a keyboard and a package of wires, adapters, brackets and screws.  Totally intimidated by all of this we called my husbands brothers son-in law who is an electrician and gives good prices to all the family.  When he came over we found out he’d need his helper and it would be an all day affair at around $300.00.  He suggested if we could get our money back we should look for a wireless system.  Back on the internet we saw your site.  Some of those humorous pictures you have of confused people with bunches of wires made us laugh but it was exactly how we felt.  We had no idea that a single unit could do the same thing as the kit we had bought.  All three cameras are facing three doors and the video is very clear.  It’s all we needed.  Lucky for us the website we bought the original kit allowed us to return it and we received 100% of our money back.  After our nephew came over to see the cameras he asked for your website.  Supposedly he has plans to buy a dozen of them as he claims he can sell them easily to a lot of his customers.

Paula & Bob Vraibel - Ma 




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