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 Q. What Are Security Seals?

A. Security Seals are a product/service by Trust Guard. They are the most highly respected and trusted verification processor on the internet.

Too many e-commerce websites mislead or make false representations of their product or company. Products not shipped, non existent support, fabricated warranties, return polices not honored and phony testimonials are just some of the examples. Most importantly Private information such as credit card information not properly being protected or other personal information being sold is common place.

Trust Guard conducts an extensive verification of any website business requesting to display their security seals. Their process includes but is not limited to:
1. Verification of the actual URL
2. Verification that the website is the actual business it represents
3. Verification that actual business address exists
4. Verification of working contact e-mail and phone numbers
5. Verification of posted warranties and return policies
6. Verification of Privacy Policy guidelines / encrypted and secure checkout / guidelines on customers e-mails and spamming
7. Verification of no adult or pornographic material or affiliate links to such.

Purchasing products or services on-line can be risky. Trust Guard provides the highest level of comfort in their Security Seals that consumers should look for. If you happen to be a business owner with an e-commerce site, contacting  and getting approved to display their seals will be one of the most productive things you can do to your website. Many consumers today refuse to transact their business unless the site displays security seals.

Q. I really like the voice over feature on the website. How can I get this?

A. This is a feature of Excite Audio. It is technology that can make any website come alive. When the page loads your message automatically plays. One neat feature is that it does not replay unless the visitor clears their cache and cookies and does not become overbearing. Customers appreciate the voice over feature as they can quickly be directed to the most important areas of your website. Excite Audio also offers a customer testimonial line where real customers can leave their opinions about your product and service. Today consumers are wary of e-mail testimonials as they are either boring or even worse, fabricated. There is nothing more powerful than hearing the voices of real customers that speak with different accents from different regions relaying their truthful experience with the product or service.


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