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If you’re an a homeowner or business person looking for a security surveillance camera, you’ve landed on a unique site run by the owner of a professional surveillance company that has been installing security systems for over 30 years.  Rather than “jumping” from site to site looking for a hidden or spy camera I would ask you to just take a few moments to read what I have to say.  You will be very glad you did.    If you’re looking for a gadget camera or searching for a $59.00 surveillance camera that will fulfill your needs don’t waste your time here as we don’t carry that junk.  We don’t sell it to our own customers close to home and we continue this same practice with our on-line sales.  99% of on-line vendors selling surveillance products are not in the industry. They are just “shipping companies” cashing in on the huge surge in consumer interest in security and sell ”surveillance” products that are nothing but cheap gadgets.  Anything they can get their hands on under the “magic” number of $99.00 is guaranteed to sell with some convincing text.  X10 cameras are nothing but kid’s toys as well as the numerous other wireless (2.4Ghz) transmitting cameras that inundate these sites. 

We’ve spoken to hundreds of folks that have innocently got suckered into buying this junk and they all say basically the same thing. “I couldn’t get any images” or “we gave up and sent it back”.  You don’t need to join their ranks.  The results you can achieve from these products are dismal at the very best. These so called “security sites” know the rate of return on these products is astronomically high but the huge profits they make far outweigh their returns.  Now, if you want a comfort level that you’re dealing with a real professional in this business take the time to absorb the information that we present on our “flag ship” product, The Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1) Capture Camera.  Unlike other “security sites” we do more than show a picture with a brief description.  We also have over 40 FAQ’s that will give you a complete understanding of this product. 

The Safe Home Covert Camera (SHCC1) Capture Camera is an outstanding superior surveillance camera that professional companies are using for their own customer base as an alternative to pricey “hard wired” systems.  It is however designed for the average consumer and small business person and can be set up in five minutes.  At its preview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (CES) it was awarded “One of the Best in Tech” by the research team for USA Today. This is a very prestigious award and testimony that this is a credible product.  We have a fantastic price and you won’t find it for less anywhere else. I will comment that I do understand that many people simply can’t afford to purchase it. If this is your situation, again I would advise you NOT to waste your money on the deceitful junk other “security sites” are presenting.  When you head back to the home page click onto the link “The Real Truth About Wireless 2.4Ghz Cameras”. This information will further substantiate my professional opinion that all these cameras are worthless junk!  (If you think I’m passionate about this, I AM!)  

If after absorbing our information you still have some questions you’re welcome to call our toll free number and speak personally to me in regard to this product. You’ll be speaking to a real professional in this business, not some part time telemarketer reading from a script or manual.

Bill Mullen
– Owner,


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